Props to the Tigua Indians for taking charge of their of their skate scene.

After years of advocacy from their Youth Council and a bad misstep with outdoor wooden ramps, the tribe stepped up its game and built a 21,000 square foot concrete skate plaza. The project cost about $200,000 and was 100% funded by the Tiguas according to Chris Gomez, Lt. Governor of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo.

tiwa skate park 3d 512w

Plaza 3D rendering

The plaza features a lot of stair, rails, ledges and stamped concrete bank accents.  The circular center layout is terraced with 3 levels and there’s plenty of surrounding flat for practicing flippy tricks.

The backside includes a tiny, banked snake run and a few stand alone obstacles.

Word is legendary New York area pro skater Quim Cardona chimed in on the design, along with Joaquim from Organics.

2014 01 10 tigua ramps disrepair 512w

Disrepair – the old skatepark

It’s a understatement to say the concrete skate plaza was a serious upgrade.

If you wanted to ride on the Rez back in January 2014, this is what you saw – weathered wooden ramps on a tennis court next to the Socorro Entertainment Center.

The masonsite top surface on the mini ramp was warped, bloated and breaking off at the seams – not a safe riding situation. There was also a rail and some boxes (not pictured) that didn’t look much better.



New construction

Plaza construction went down in summer 2015 with the build well-documented by @shortytigua on Instagram.

Most of the concrete flatwork turned out pretty good, but expert eyes quickly spy plenty of flaws like tranny kinks and seaming issues – this crew was obviously not experienced in finer points of modern skatepark building.

Considering this was a summer months build with huge concrete pours, you know it wasn’t easy but they pulled it off.


Pakitu name

FYI – the official name of this place is the Pakitu Skate Plaza and man do these guys got some cool-looking logos.

The name has an interesting translation – Pa I means pumpkin “Ki” means “Our” and “Thu” means Village….so Pakithu = Our Pumpkin Village.

Search #Pakithuskatepark online for more.

2016 03 16 pakitu contest flyer 512w


If you like contests, you’ll love these guys.

Seems like they having Best Run & Best Trick events at a pace of one every 1-2 months and the prizes are usually pretty good too.

And, they’re real good at posting the all the latest stuff on their Pakitu Skate Plaza Facebook page.

2015 08 25 pakitu contest tim navarette 1st louie alfaro 600w

Tim Navarette

The Pakitu Skate Plaza officially opened on Aug. 22, 2015 with an all-day contest at Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo.
It was a first-class event with free food and prizes.

Nobody was ripping harder than Tim Navarette who scored 1st place in the advanced division with big moves.

Get there

The Pakithu Skate Plaza is located on the left side of the entry road (Tiwa Blvd.) to the Socorro Entertainment Center, same place that holds all those free rock concerts.

Address proper is 11200 Santos Sanchez Street, Socorro, TX 79927.

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