Skate Deck Art Show fundraiser

By partnering with a wide variety of local artists, the EPSA  has produced a series of highly successful Skate Deck Art Shows (SDAS) with skateboard decks-turned-art pieces exhibited and sold to the public via silent auction. With bids starting at $20, the inclusive event has raised thousands to help us pursue our mission of public skatepark development and maintenance.

Over the years, contributing artists have included tattoo specialists, school teachers, an award-winning chopper builder and even big-time professional skateboarders like Jason Adams and Chet Childress.

With a $5 donation at the door, patrons always have gotten a chance to win some very cool door prizes (including bad-ass longboard completes, skate shoes, even full body massages) provided by local skateshops and other supporters.

It’s always a wild ride and a great way bring the art and skatepark communities together for a great cause!

2008 – OLO Gallery

Our first skate deck art show went down at the OLO Gallery on Feb. 28, 2008.

We didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but with a lot of help from Steve and Andrea Ingle from Creative Kids (non-profit 501c3) we pulled it off.

More than 25 deck art pieces were auctioned with more than $2,000 raised.  We were blown away and inspired to do it again!

Read the pre-event write up Where Skate Meets Art, Auction benefits local skatepark group by Marina Monsisvais published in the What’s Up.


2009 – Marco Polo Dive Bar

About 200 attendees attended our 2nd SDAS at Marco Polo Dive Bar, most of them well behaved, and grooving to bumpin’ music provided by DJ Chris Matthews and Matt Salazar while checking out killer skate videos on a double-sided window video display.

The most sought after decks were auctioned live.  Allain Angelos’s “Pop Scullsicle” created the biggest competition going live at $105 and eventually selling for $200 – thanks GQ!

The highest grossing deck, Theron Nicholson’s “Urban Gorilla” made with India ink and oil glaze, sold for $251.  Local skate legend Jaime Favela’s rustic-looking “r evolution” displayed a progression of wheels (from wood to clay to urethane) and went for $150.

Our youngest artist was 4-year old Mya Celeste Salgado and the strangest creation was a late-entry made from 60 popsicle sticks by Tim Fulmer.

2009 sdas 512w



2010 – Black Market

In our most successful fundraiser to date, more than $3,400 was raised to support public skateparks at our 2010 Skate Deck Art Show at Black Market on May 12, 2010.

The silent auction featured a total of 74 pieces of deck art. Artist Deana Mustin’s hot-pink creation featuring a sign language’d “El Chuco” was the highest grossing deck and sold for $400 to Black Market owner Austin Allen.

Other top earning decks included: Jacob Lawson’s “Skyline”/$326, Francella’s “Chucostein”/$300, Alain Angelos’ “The Flaming Whore”/$250, and Theron Nicholson’s “Indy Sun God”/$150.

The all-ages event drew more than 200 attendees and was featured in the El Paso Times, on KVIA-TV, KROD Sportstalk and KHRO’s The Lisa D Show.

2010 05 07 eptimes sdas 900w

2011 – The Lowbrow Palace

Killer venue, cool crowd and folks down for the public skatepark cause!

The benefit featured more than 80 decks dollied up with a wide variety of styles and materials. Prior to leaving El Paso to explore India and teach English, local skater/artist Theron Nicholson threw down the amazing, tri-fold piece called “No Obstacles Exist” which sold for $260.

2011 sdas theron

Competition was keen during the live bidding with Francella’s “La Chucana” selling for more than $400 to Lisa Rath – the top grossing deck of the night! Popular New York City-based artist Lars Klingstedt created a of couple of sexy blue/black muscle car grill prints – they sold as a set for $300.

Other featured artists included Hurley International’s Jason Maloney and sicko local Chris Melero who made a pair of 3D paper mache demons. Many attendees cruised off with killer art at low-low prices.

2012 – The Lowbrow Palace

With 200-plus turning out and dropping cash, we raised $3,000 to support our ongoing efforts to develop and maintain public skateparks in El Paso.

The 5th annual silent auction/party at The Lowbrow Palace featured a record total of 94 pieces of deck art (20 showing up day of the show!) from a wide range of generous artists including graphic designers, tattoo gurus, grease monkeys, freaks, nerds and weirdos – we love ’em all.

Bids started at $20 with a handful earning better than a C-note for the cause.

El Paso skate legend/wood worker Jaime Favela’s comfy-curvy, 8-deck patio chair creation was the highest grossing item and sold for $300.

Other top dollar decks included: Alain Angelos’ hot rod-inspired “Flaming’ Longboard”/$200, Francella’s gun totin’ Mexicana “La Revolucionaria”/$185, Joe Bla Blazo’s dirty tongue face “Halitopic”/$150 and Chris Melero’s paper mache’d “Misfits”/$100.

DJ Rob Bass kept the cool tunes flowing and several lucky winners scored big with door prizes from Vans, Hurley, and Inklination Tattoos.

2013 – Tricky Falls

Our 2013 SDAS went prime time with a Saturday night slot at one of El Paso’s most storied entertainment venues – Tricky Falls.  The  proscenium style theater was designed by legendary architect Henry C.Trost.

Some 99 years after the theater first opened in 1914, the main floor which typically hosts bad ass music acts like Wolfmother, was filled with 88 skateboard-inspired art pieces. Some of the more unique stuff included a room divider, surfboard bench and 4-pack of vintage Earth Surf action image canvas wraps.

Pro/bro skater Chet Childress threw down a piece called “Bad Poet” and Mario Robert’s colorful vato-centric acrylic “El Paso in the Night-O-Sphere” auctioned live for more than $400.

Former Local’s Only skateshop boss Mike Teele donated a sick Madrid “El Cochino” complete with Tracker 219’s for raffle. Mandy Ferguson’s artwork on the 44 1/2 inch long, 15 3/8 inch wide monster made it a one of a kind gem.

With a new 3 section, staggered auction shut down strategy, checkout was easy-breezy for the 200-plus attendees.  The night closed with a showing of a short video explaining EPSA’s history and accomplishments, reaffirming why it ‘s so important we volunteer to do what we do.



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