George Saenz

By day, he deals insurance for a living. But under that necktie and long sleeve shirt, George Saenz sports plenty of phat tattoos and a penchant for extreme sports. Whether bustin’ burly moves on his skateboard, snowboard, mountain bike or motorcycle – he loves livin’ on the edge.

Totally down for the concrete skatepark cause, Saenz, aka G Snizzle, joined the EPSA board of directors in the summer of 2010. He’s mosh pit vet, daddy of 3, and showing no signs of slowin’ his roll – roll on Snizzler!



Not sure how he got the Snizzle nickname, but G’s got the goods on this frontside 5-oh at the Rio Valley ditch!


Let it whip

An all-around action sports athlete, Snizzle whips his cycle high above the dunes at Red Sands.


Pipe dreaming

G Snizzle ferets out a speed line on a recent underground pipe adventure.

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